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Your Calling

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”.

- Reinhold Niebuhr

THE CALL Vocational and Life Purpose Guide:

  • Would you like to better understand your unique gifts and calling … your “sweet spot”?

  • Could you use help with college and career choices?

  • Would you like to better understand your marriage partner?

  • Would you like to help your team function more effectively, and encourage them in their own God given strengths and abilities?

  • Does your “sending” organization, seek to equip and prepare individuals for life and work overseas?

THE CALL Online Assessment measures Spiritual Gifts (from Romans 12), Behavioral Traits, Occupational Interests, Aptitudes, and Cognitive Learning Styles. THE CALL Vocational and Life Purpose Guide was developed through a partnership between Profiles International, Focus on the Family, and Follow Your Calling.

Upon completion of THE CALL, you will receive a comprehensive written report with insight into your God-given talents, abilities, interests, gifts, and strengths. In addition, I will go over the results and walk you through the next steps of growth. How will this “whole-person” approach change your life?

  • Identify your Life Purpose.

  • Identify your Spiritual Motivational Gifts from Romans 12: 6-8. These gifts are essential
    to understanding how God has “wired” you for your unique career/life purpose.

  • Suggest career and ministry-specific job titles within the Christian marketplace as well
    as within US Dept of Labor categories.

  • Gain a more complete and accurate picture of who you are, with perspective on the
    27 different dimensions of your life.

  • Give glory to God, while identifying your own unique personality and calling in this uniquely clear and balanced assessment.

Debrief sessions can be completed in person or via Skype or telephone, whichever method
is most convenient for you.

“I believe THE CALL is an essential, powerful tool for marriages – from newlyweds to those with many years together. We never should stop learning about each other and growing together.  THE CALL helps couples learn and grow exponentially and in doing so each marriage is greatly blessed and greatly strengthened." -Michael and Erin


“We began using THE CALL with people engaged in cross-cultural work. We discovered it was very helpful in the preparation process for moving to new countries or places to work and serve. Whether our purpose was to help one understand himself, understand where one is as part of a team in a foreign culture, or to affirm direction and calling in transition, we found the results of THE CALL to be authentic , giving significant insight to every participant." -Sharon, Director of Missions

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