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What People Say

"I have worked with different LMFTs and your style and approach produced profound results due to your ability to get to the root cause of a situation. Carol utilizes a broad base therapy approach with time tested scriptural truths which makes for a most powerful coaching or family therapy experience. Within one session I walked away with a plan that greatly changed my experience.
Carol crafted a unique plan to benefit me and my family that I will forever be most grateful for." Jamee


“Carol Lee has been my trusted counselor and coach through various challenges ranging from marital issues to career change. She is caring compassionate and nonjudgmental, and at all times gentle, providing a safe place to share feelings and fears. Carol has been very effective looking at situations from different viewpoints and thinking “outside the box” at possibilities I wouldn’t have thought of myself. She is a wonderful listener and excellent observer, and able to see attributes in people that we might not realize ourselves. “    Beth S., RWC


“When we first started coming to Carol Lee, we had been married 10+ years and our marriage was in rough shape. Years of frustration with each other had built up… Carol Lee has helped us make tremendous progress with our marriage.  She facilitated thoughtful, meaningful dialog between us when we needed significant course correction in our marriage. She was warm, sincere and insightful in her approach. She would offer targeted strategies that helped  us both feel important and heard.  Her no nonsense approach empowered  us to share feelings in a safe environment. Thanks Carol for your insightful support and guidance.”     Doug and Courtney , RWC

“Carol is both professional and supportive. She consistently delivered excellent support, insight, caring and counseling expertise. Carol has a wonderful combination of pragmatism, spirituality, and heart.”- Pam K

“Carol was an amazing resource for our marriage. With the words that Carol spoke and the insights that she had into our lives, it was as if we had known her throughout our marriage, even though this was our first meeting. She is kind, compassionate, wise, and most of all very giving in the gift of counseling that God has bestowed upon her. Her services would be an asset to any couple or individual who are in need of direction, encouragement , or faith." - Dan and Tammy

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